A hilarious video of an Indian top brass talking crap about Mobile Phone Security and Cloud Computing. The subtitle is an actual .srt and not etched into the video.

This is my first subtitle done from scratch and may not be perfect. Feel free to contribute, improve on it or re-produce your own version. A version of the video is included in the Subtitle source file. Fork it at Github. Pull Requests are welcome.

  • Johnson Chandam

    Damn funny.. 😀
    He is a GEEK!

    • I'd love to see how he react when he actually learns the facts about the s**t he's talking about.

  • Aftabwilson

    who is this guy? where does he work etc etc? very curious to know more about him. this is hilarious. are there more? if not, someone should get him to do more on this on tv. 

    • He is Vishwabandhu Gupta, erstwhile IT commissioner.

  • WTF? It made me laugh loudly after many days... Cloud, Rain, Bad weather, among all other crap he talked.

    Who is he?

    • You mean, he means "Cloud Seeding" and not "Cloud CD". Wow!