Yeah! That is the song doing the rounds on the Internet, specially in India. Here are the Ringtones for your iPhone, now known as “tones” for your iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhones).

Kolaveri Di

Kolaveri Di (Tunes Only)


  • Kolavery Di — mp3 · m4r
  • Kolavery Di — mp3 · m4r (Tune Only)
  • Kolavery Di — Zipped (All in One)
To use it as a tone for your iOS Devices — just double click the “.m4r” files and it should import into your iTunes. Sync your device with iTunes. Enjoy!



  • Video of the Movie scenes for the song.

  • Preethipandian99

    it says the song is too long to copy

  • Shahprinetsr98

    Its nice style to sinnnnnnnnnnnnnng songs like that