@superamit How can we help you from India?

Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta, an entrepreneur, needs a Bone Marrow transplant. (source : Amit Gupta)

I looked around, clicked on every clickable link on your site but there seem to be no way to even see if I can help, unless I’m in the US. Any idea how can the people from South Asian region help out?

A few weeks ago, Amit Gupta was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. He needs a bone marrow transplant. Amit Gupta founded the photography site Photojojo. Prior to founding the awesome Photojojo, he also co-founded Jelly in 2006.

Amit Gupta Needs You


  • There’s an update for People outside US to help him. Unfortunately, there seem to be no easy way for Indians yet!
  • Brajeshwar, we're working on it!

    I think the Datri registry is the best option at this point. They have a pool of 16,000 donors so far, and have resources to help people plan donor drives in cities across India.

    See http://datriworld.org/ for the contact addresses and let me know how you fare and if I can help! We want to find ways to support drives in India from abroad if we can.


    p.s. Those in other countries, http://amitguptaneedsyou.com/ now has links to bone arrow registries worldwide. (As well as resources for those in the USA.)