Google Reader dies – Spring Clean your Digital Overload

Google Reader

I was a voracious consumer of RSS feeds. It all started during the early days of the blogging revolution (the early 2000′s). I started with FeedDemon (Windows) then continued to NetNewsWire (Mac) and finally landed on Google Reader. I even wrote an article on – How to squeeze the best out of NetNewsWire.

For quite a while I’ve been simplifying my life a lot. My digital life is one that I’ve been experimenting a lot with – reducing my time spent on apps, emails, and ignoring a lot of stuffs. One such exercise is to stop actively seeking information via RSS feeds and I have been successful in reducing my interaction with Google Reader a lot.

The news that Google is shutting down one of its ‘popular service’ – Google Reader was kind of a good news for me. I had mixed feelings and I did searched for other alternatives, even tried digging up my purchased app to see which Desktop App I should use.

However, Today I finally decided to stop seeking information by subscription. With the death of Google Reader, I’m retiring my usage of RSS feeds. Let’s see how this goes. If a news is news-worthy, it will pop-up somewhere and I’ll definitely know about it.

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    I use RSS frequently to keep myself updated on the new trends in the web development space. Without a way to keep track of the happenings, it becomes difficult to learn new stuff. Also, I find that RSS Feeds require cleanup every 6 months.

    I am disappointed with the death of Reader but the fact is I never used it directly. I use Caffinated on OS X & Reeder on iOS. Now, I think I'll switch to Feedly.

    I wish you all the best in your attempt to go RSS-Free and I hope this would prove to be a rather sane choice. I would love to hear your progress on this experiment as I feel RSS is a necessary evil since at the moment, it is the only solution that solves my current problem of being updated with the latest trends in my space.

    Twitter is an alternative but I am afraid the signal-to-noise ratio is a bit difficult to handle.
    Do keep us updated on how this turns up for you.

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    . I use Caffinated on OS X & Reeder on iOS.