My name is Brajeshwar Oinam. I was born in a quiet and serene, hill-surrounded green valley of Imphal, Manipur (INDIA) and spent all my childhood-school-life, teenage-college-life there. I believe in simplicity and try to push the envelop, envisioning the betterment of usable and practical solutions.

Professional Career (1999)

I migrated to Bombay in 1999 to kick-start my professional career. Very soon I fell in love with the city, the speed and the pace at which things get done.

After job-hunting for a month, I landed my first job as a Computer Graphic Designer in a Comic Magazine Startup. As part of the test for the job, I was given a Floppy-Disk which contains the files to complete a graphic editing task. Without a computer at home, I went about an hour early for the Interview and finished the task at a ‘cyber-cafe’ nearby. Well, they were impressed with the task and my story on how I completed it. I started work the next week.

Online (2000)

It was the Internet Boom, specially in India and the proliferaion of Internet was seen prominently. I really wanted to be part of that world. Within 6 months through my first job, I shifted my focus to the Online World – started reading lots of books, online resources and there was no turning back. By mid 2000, I had totally shifted my focus on to the Internet.

First Company (2005)

Early 2003, I resigned from a very lucrative job and started freelancing full-time. During those freelance days, I did a lot of interesting work for varied number of clients and totally enjoyed every moment of it. I learnt a lot from those experiences, made lots of friends and hitch some of the most rewarding relationships.

By 2005, I decided it was time to take the plunge and started our first company – Oinam Software Pvt. Ltd. We undertook some of the most innovative, sometimes very experimental work for clients, including but not limited to the likes of STARZ, Disney, Obeo, Ultrashock, Edition Interactive, Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Tata Interactive Systems. We also worked for many Contractors who sub-contracted their work to us. We were in-fact one of the best ghost developers to many successful Contractors.

First Startup (2006)

In 2006, our team was acquired to became part of the founding team of Mixercast, Inc. It was an exciting experience, being part of a Startup and learning from it. Unfortunately, Mixercast was declared dead in December 31, 2009.

Mixercast allowed users to create embeddable slide show widgets. Users could mix together both personal and licensed content.

In 2007, after spending a year with Mixercast, I started oCricket. After 2 years of operation, oCricket was acquired by InfinitelyBeta in June 2009. I was involved with the team in the making of the flagship product of Infinitely Beta – Paisa.com.

Marriage and Family (2007 to Present)

Shanta, Laaija and Brajeshwar
Oinam Family – Shanta Huirem, Laaija and Brajeshwar Oinam

I’ve known Shanta since 1993. We met again in 2006 while she was an intern at Mixercast. We got married in July 2007. Our daughter, Laaija was born December 11, 2008.

Levoma, Inc (2011 to 2012)

I left InfinitelyBeta after Paisa went Beta in July 2010. After spending few months contemplating on my next step, I took up something we started in 2004 for a client-turned-friend-turned-co-founder – LiveSpeedDating.


Back in 2004, we were able to successfully allow users to video-chat on the browser with no other plugins or downloads other than the built-in Flash Player powered by Adobe Media Server (erstwhile Flashcom, Flash Media Server) in the back-end. We had invested a lot of our time, effort and stack in it.

Unfortunately, it went into oblivion due to various reasons, some of the most important being:

  • Lack of Business Experience.
  • Not the right time. It was hard to find webcam ready computers and common user’s bandwidth were not ready for regular video-chat.
  • Lack of Focus.
    • client’s work and
    • the onset and excitement that became Mixercast.

Founder Institute

I enrolled at the Founder Institute and graduated Levoma from the Winter 2010 Bay Area Semester (Nov-2010 to Feb-2011).


We shifted focus from the Web that started with LiveSpeedDating to Mobile and Levoma is now a Mobile Video Dating Service. We had quite a bit of trials, errors and experiments in building a P2P Video Dating Mobile App. By late 2012, Levoma was acquired by Kamelot Kapital Pte Ltd, a Investment Firm with operations in Singapore, Bangalore and London.

Levoma is a location aware P2P Mobile Video Dating Service powered by Facebook.

LxiDD (2013-2014)

LxiDD is a Kamelot Kapital initiative. It is a curated network of the best indie designers, developers, and creatives on the web, with exclusive access to top shelf clients looking for the best talent.

Last Updated: May 21, 2013