Movable Type

I was visiting movable type yesterday and just today I saw their new version of the both the application MT 2.2 and the website. Interested parties and those using MT can check the new happening on Oh Boy, I am not changing to MT at this moment, have little time to get used to something else, I will still be using blogger along with blogkomm for my comments for the days to come.

IE 5.0 + full Screen from itself

There was some discussion on the Macromedia Flash Forum about Full screen from the page itself. I just thought I will share that too here. You may alternatively have the click to be onLoad of the Body so that the browser goes fullscreen on load itself.
Have the folllowing Javascript

function fullscreen(){
 var hdiff;

and on your link put a href=""javascript:fullscreen();"

DMX & inc files

I was surprised when I cannot have a design view of my include files [ .inc ] in Dreamweaver MX, so I went to ask on our Jordan’s Dreamweaver list at Blueworld and I got a part of my answer to exclude .inc from the Edit > Preference > File Type/ Editors and Open in Code view text field.
Well, to make things work, you have to edit the “MMDocumentTypes.xml” to include your .inc file in the range of those html,htm,xhtml and the other extensions. “MMDocumentTypes.xml” is located at Dreamweaver MX folder\Configuration\DocumentTypes.

Local Connection

You must have heard of the localConnection thingy, I have nothing to this Sunday and tried my hand on it, I started off simple, you may view it here or just download the whole source file.

Somebody on an online forum asked me if this is possible on a frameset

Move an MC around

// How to move your MC around
MovieClip.prototype.moveAround = function(){
 this.onKeyDown = function (){
  this._x += Key.isDown (Key.RIGHT)*1 - Key.isDown (Key.LEFT)*1;
  this._y += Key.isDown (Key.DOWN)*1 - Key.isDown (Key.UP)*1;
// How to apply

Welcome to

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my website.

Secondly, let me remind you that this particular article is written in April, 2008 but dated way back to the beginning of this website — 11th June, 2001. This marks the beginning of this website.