min-height, max-width, min-height, max-height

A dreamweaver list friend of mine, ask me to test a page of his on my IE 5+ on a Windows OS and I learn something very useful. You must have seen and designed some or the other form of liquid (stretchable) design. You would have successfully done liquid table layouts but you must have the itchy feeling that you should also do this with text, so that they become stretchable according to the dimension of the browser.

This is possible with the CSS2 standard but this does not work in IE 5+. Neverthless, there is a work-around to this, check this nifty Javascript that solves the problem. Just tug this Javascript in your HTML.

Now, You can have something like;

#myStyle {
	width : 50%;
	max-height : 12px;
	max-width : 4px;
	min-height : 10px;
	min-width : 2px;

Full as a goog

You must have seen RSS feeds of most of the popular blogs using flash interface and you know, it’s slow (I have to say this !) if you want a quickie of most of the blogs, you can visit fullasagoog to view them, read them. You can suggest him some new blog if you see that your favorite is missing.

elgooG derorriM

Many of you might have even seen this but I saw it today. I like this thing. You can do a reverse search, the scrollbar is reversed atleast in IE. The Results are reverse. Check out the Mirrored Google.

Macromedia Flash Communications

Macromedia have released the much awaited Flash Communication Components, click here to get your copy today. This is going to keep me awake late tonight and hoping to see some of my visitors again and talk with them, make fun. See you again tonight. Damn, the released components are already in the trial and there is nothing new.

Be Bevelled / Connect Locally

Long ago Samuel Wan was talking about some component for the different kind of bevels and about 48 hours ago, he have it on his site and you can download them, including the demo files and the component. Also, check his second post about his downloadable demo on local connection. You can view a similar example of the local connect, here which you can send and receive information both ways from either of the Flash documents.

Periodic Table of Flash Sites

I found some referer on my web log from Flashzoom and so I went there to see if I could see my site anywhere being linked. But I could not find one, after searching and roaming around a bit, I saw the ‘periodic table of flash’ where my site ‘Br’ was included in the table.

Flash Tools

A tool for Flash, that is what Flash-tools is, where you can find flashmail, flashforum, flashmp3player, flashmysql and yes a flashblog too. It have a good feature of letting you know at what stage its development of a particular project is using a visual indication of its stage from research, development, alpha, beta and to its release. You can join the mailing list if you wish, you may add your link and it also collects RSS feeds from some of the most prominent sites like, waxpraxis, philterdesign, samuel wan, flashguru, illogicz, actionscript, pnuts thoughts, k10k and web standards.