Cracking the Da Vinci Code

Cracking the Da Vinci CodeAfter reading Dan Brown‘s The Da Vinci Code, this was the next book that caught my eye and yes I bought it, read it and I like it.

Well, I am not that in a position to give any remarks about the books, many have done many reviews, feedbacks and everything else. I just like the Da Vinci Code Book, finished reading it in two days. Well after reading the main book, I ended up loving the works of Dan Brown that I went and bought myself, “Digital Fortress”, and finished reading it in a day’s time.
And currently, I am stealing time in between my schedules to read Lord of the Rings.

Textiled Smarty Pants

SmartyPants is a free web publishing plug-in for Movable Type that easily translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into smart typographic punctuation HTML entities.

It may be noted that SmartyPants can work in conjunction with Brad Choate’s MT-Textile plug-in. MT-Textile is a port of Dean Allen’s original Textile project to Perl and Movable Type. MT-Textile by itself only translates Textile markup to HTML. However, if SmartyPants is also installed, MT-Textile will call on SmartyPants to educate quotes, dashes, and ellipses, automatically.

Using SmartyPants in conjunction with MT-Textile requires no modifications to your Movable Type templates. I had mine to automatically use Textile 2 for “Default Text Formatting for new entries“, it also became automatically available on the desktop blog publishing software, Zempt which I am using. Go to your MT Weblog Config > Preference and select Textile 2 in the “Specifies the default Text Formatting option when creating a new entry”.


With the release of MT 3.1, you have another option of text formating, mark down. Mark Down can be used in conjunction with Smarty Pants.

New Flash, New Configuration Folder

With the release of the new sexy, sensual updater comes many improvements, changes and updates. With all informations floating around, it is easy to just search on some prominent sites and read them, but here is an info that ain’t floating around, so let me have it here for me to read later. Lately, I have been experiencing the habit of searching my own site to look up articles that I have writen, tips shared. In order that I can refer to them again, here we go again for the archive.

With the new Flash Updater, she have change her configuration folder a bit. The user profile size have drastically decrease its size as she have removed some configuration folders and external player from the “First Run” folder to the “Application-Level Configuration” folder. She have also moved the HelpPanel to all-user-level configuration. Now, you will find authplay.dll (file), ComponentFLA, Components, Importers, Libraries and Templates in the application-level configuration folder.
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Custom —Documents and Settings— Folder

I use Windows XP Professional on my Thinkpad and Windows 2000 Professional on my Desktop, so this article applies to the two but I think the underlying idea should be similar in most Windows Box. Personally, I always have a nasty habit of loosing settings just because I format my main system drive (usually C drive) often. This does not affect my data storage as I have every of my datas on a different drive and once all system installations are over, I am ready to work straight away. But what will happen to some of my settings/datas that are akin to application programs? Without going too deep into the explanation, let us just solve this issue by diverting your user or rather “Documents and Settings” and its associated folder from the System drive to your desired location.
Navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (Shared all users)
\User Shell Folders
and change the values there.
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Skype 1.0

Skype have released its latest version; unfortunately, all my contacts are gone. I am not sure if this was an expected happening with the release or if it was saving the contacts on the local drive like ICQ in the old times. I am sorry to say but I have none of the previous contacts in my list; please add me instead.

Flash Documentation Changelog

Unless I forget this again, let me jot it down here. How to see what new or changes have been made to your help system when you update your help in Macromedia Flash?

Well, the answer is Open Help > Welcome to Help > View Help Update Information (it is located at the top right of your help interface). [Phew! Am I the only person who never saw this earlier?]

Movable Type on Localhost

Though the aim is to have Movable Type running on your local computer, but then we will have to go through two important (may be more) installations, namely an Apache/PHP/mySQL server and Perl. Let me tell you that this is more of my own experience, I am sure you can use your preferred installations though adhearing to the necessary requisites. This are the downloads that you will need;

Wamp5, at the time of writing this article was at version 1.1. The installation was straight forward, simple, quick and very easy. Just take care that it will not clash with an already running web server like IIS, simply stop your current web server during the installation. Though it should be rather similar in most windows box, I am refering to Windows 2K/XP installation in this article.
WAMP5 is a web server for your windows box, which installs the following applications – Apache, PHP, MySQL database, PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager on your computer. The Tray Icon that it have as its service manager is also easy to customize to suit your needs, just edit the “wampserver.ini” using a text editor to suit your style and needs. I have specifically added a stop/start IIS and stop/start ColdFusion so that I can switch between Wamp5 and IIS/Cold Fusion. If you prefer other installation other than Wamp5, please go ahead. The Wamp5 installation was rather straight forward and easy, so let us move on to the next i.e Perl and the Database Module, a bit more difficult one, well, I mean comparing to Wamp5 intallation.
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Flying Day with Flash

For the first time, Flugtag will also be broadcast live over the Internet. Utilizing the interactive features of Flash Video and streaming through the Flash Video Streaming Service powered by VitalStream, viewers will be able to switch between camera angles of the event in real time. They will also be able to select from amongst a number of prerecorded video vignettes about the teams and the competitors. After the event, the video will be archived and available on-demand.
This will be the first large-scale implementation of the just-announced Live version of the Flash Video Streaming Service, powered by VitalStream.
The Flugtag Event, presented by Red Bull
Saturday, July 31, 12:30PM PT (Pacific Time)
This world clock tool will help with time zones.

Fact Guru’s Object Oriented Knowledge Base

Fact Guru’s Object Oriented Knowledge Base is a comprehensive knowledge base of terms and concepts related to object-oriented software engineering. Based on the book “Object Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development using UML and Java (from amazon)”.
The “subjects are arranged in a hierarchy – each subject “is a” kind of the subject above it. You can also view the subjects in alphabetical order or as a graph. If you click on a subject in the hierarchy, you will see facts about that subject appear in this pane. From there you can follow links to other subject. You can compare a subject and its siblings, or all the children of a subject by clicking on the Compare tab.”