Flying Day with Flash

For the first time, Flugtag will also be broadcast live over the Internet. Utilizing the interactive features of Flash Video and streaming through the Flash Video Streaming Service powered by VitalStream, viewers will be able to switch between camera angles of the event in real time. They will also be able to select from amongst a number of prerecorded video vignettes about the teams and the competitors. After the event, the video will be archived and available on-demand.
This will be the first large-scale implementation of the just-announced Live version of the Flash Video Streaming Service, powered by VitalStream.
The Flugtag Event, presented by Red Bull
Saturday, July 31, 12:30PM PT (Pacific Time)
This world clock tool will help with time zones.

Fact Guru’s Object Oriented Knowledge Base

Fact Guru’s Object Oriented Knowledge Base is a comprehensive knowledge base of terms and concepts related to object-oriented software engineering. Based on the book “Object Oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development using UML and Java (from amazon)”.
The “subjects are arranged in a hierarchy – each subject “is a” kind of the subject above it. You can also view the subjects in alphabetical order or as a graph. If you click on a subject in the hierarchy, you will see facts about that subject appear in this pane. From there you can follow links to other subject. You can compare a subject and its siblings, or all the children of a subject by clicking on the Compare tab.”

How to protect your site?

I am not giving you an answer but looking more for informations on preparing oneself for disaster as the one that happen sometime ago with a site that I was running; India’s Macromedia User Group. The site was attacked and defaced by F3PN, more details.
[Sorry to those who were trying to access a tutorial and saw a black screen instead, everything is resolved now. And thanks for mailing me about the same.]


Anigraph is India’s best and biggest show covering all fields of Animation, Graphics and Visual Effects. This show is supported by Broadcast India Show, APAI-Animation Producers Association of India. The three day event is organized by ACM Siggraph Mumbai (INDIA) Chapter, which is the one and only officially chartered Chapter in India of ACM Siggraph, USA.
At this event, Martin Poole of The Pixel Farm, UK visiting during the event to explain how their software created the motion tracking of one of the Hollywood’s recent buggest box office grosser film “Cold Mountain”.
Some of the participating companies are Seagate, Apple, Shaf, IBM, Leitch, Softimage, Eyeon Inc, Alias, Krops, Motion Builder etc.

Rang Sharda Auditorium, Near Lilavati Hospital,
Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (w), Mumbai (INDIA)
24-26 June, 2004
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
[Isn’t that image on the front page that of “The 13th Floor” Movie?]

PowerFlasher SOS (Windows Only)

POWERFLASHER SOS (SocketOutputServer) is a XML Socket server with a graphic user interface. Connected clients can send messages to SOS. These messages are shown in SOS. Further on commands from SOS to Client can be sent. These are freely configurable.

What are the advantages?
Flash movies can hardly be debugged outside of the Flash IDE by missing “trace” output. With SOS Flash movies can also transmit messages from the live system to the developer. The output window of the Macromedia Flash IDE is very slow and scrolls under circumstance only approximately 80 lines automatically. Whereas a very fast console, which can represent many lines output in shortest time, without the run speed of the program is strongly affected, is available by SOS. SOS is developed as smart as can and used up thereby only little main memory and is easy to serve.
Advantage Overview:
– Fast log output
– Smart UI
– Highly customizable
– Multiple clients
– Configurable commands to Clients
– Flash console protocol not limited to XML

This free application runs on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 and requires JavaVM starting from 1.3.
Along with the program you can download a sample FLA file for you to test.

Thanks to Carlo Blatz of PowerFlasher for the information.

Essential ActionScript 2.0

This message is about the First Part of the Book, “The Actinscript 2.0 Language”, Part II of the book, “Application Development” and Part III, Design Pattern Examples in ActionScript 2.0” have been covered earlier.
This book is another must have for any Flash-Actionscript Application Developer. Visit the official book site and order (pre-order) the same (at amazon). Neverthless, if you are looking for something like “Actionscript 2.0: The Definitive Guide”, then this is not the book. It talks less or very little about Actionscript 2.0 syntax per se.
Actionscript 2.0 Overview
Actionscript 2.0 was introduced along with Flash MX 2004. Though it adds little new runtime functionality to the language, it improved developement of Flash Applications by formalizinig Object Oriented Programming syntax and Methodology. Most of the new OOP syntax in Actionscript 2.0 is based on the ECMAScript 4 standard.
The components have also matured to the new v2 components, re-written from scratch in Actionscript 2.0 and built atop version 2 of the Macromedia Component Architecture. It is advised not to mix Actionscript 1.0 (the script that existed with Flash 5 and Flash MX) OOP technique with Actionscript 2.0 code.
Object-Oriented Actionscript
Object-Oriented Programming is a programming approach intended to solve some of the development and maintenance problems commonly associated with large procedural programs. OOP is designed to make complex applications more manageable by breaking down into self-contained, interacting modules. The chapters gives you a summarized view of the core concepts of OOP in Flash. If you are already comfortable with OOP, then most of the other part of the chapter can be just finished off on a cursory glance.
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oh! I can invite more people to gMail

I just realized that I can invite people to gMail from my current gMail account, brajeshwar(at)gmail(d0t)com (thanks to LordAlex for inviting me to this account). I have not yet decided whom to invite, you can help me make the decision (I might not be able to invite all who ask for, I regret for the same in advance).

I realize that I can invite more and more people as I keep using gMail, so you can continue to comment here for your gMail Account!, Yes, just comment here with your First Name, Last Name and e-mail. Please do not mail me directly as it is the same as commenting here on my site.
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