Valentine’s Day

So, today is Valentine’s Day, working a bit late in the night or rather more appropriately very early in the morning, I started receiving the usual daily newsletter from many subscription including that of wired. Their first article for today is Study: Couples Love Kissing Right.

I went there to read them and the other articles too, quite a good info there. Sometime, I feel I should roam and wander away from Flash, Flash sites, Flash Designs, Flash Codes and Flash friends. While you are there, visit the kissing tips section and the kissing facts.

w.bloggar v3.00

I am using w.bloggar v3.00 for blogging straight from my desktop. Everything else is cool and can “Post and Publish” on Blogger, b2, MovableType, Nucleus, BigBlogTool, BlogWorks XML Blogalia and Drupal blogs. But the only thing that I find it lacking is that of the ability to do the Extended Entry for Movable type. Anybody have any idea, please suggest me an alternative tool or a way to add inside w.blogger. That would be damn too great.

Place all your codes in one place

This would rather be an old one for many but seeing many files that people send me to have a look into and help clear some problems, and the way they still code the old Flash 5.0 way, I would like to suggest this small tip for Flash MX. Always place your codes on the main timeline (_root) preferably on a single layer dedicated to Actionscript. Of course, it was not possible in the pre-Flash MX days, but now we can reference any object from the main timeline. Let us stop the bad habit of putting codes on the MCs or on buttons. Avoid the lust of putting codes on MCs and buttons, take a bit of more time to understand how to access and target objects from the main timeline. This will be a real blessings in due course of time. Happy Coding.

Flash as a Tool for Web Application Development

There is a good article worth reading at Win Writers about Flash being widely used and accepted as a Tool for Web Application Development.
“Despite the slowed economy and IT cutbacks, the drive toward web-based applications continues to have enormous momentum. The software industry, in general, is lured by the Web’s ubiquitous connectivity. IT departments are enamored with the potential for controlling deployment costs. The set of standards developed by the World Wide Consortium (W3C) has certainly changed the software landscape in a very short time.”
Click here to read the article.

Escape Character

I was using escape character for dynamic text field for some of my contents for a project and instead of looking around for characters and their escaped character values, I just did a simple thing using flash itself, check it out yourself and if you like it, click here to view it online, or download just the .swf format / zip format, a windows projector format or a Mac projector format. Some features like minimize and close may not work on all platform while the real functionality still works, the minimize and close functions are for windows projector only. And don’t blame for the size of the project, they are heavy as they are projectors, Windows projector is about 1 MB and the Mac projector is about 1.5 MB, windows projector was done using Flash Studio Pro 1.74.

A good designer needed

A Mumbai based company, working autonomously for a Kansas city HealthCare solution Provider, is looking out for a Good Designer for the expansion of their team. The prospective candidate should be highly proficient in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 or above, Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 or above and Macromedia Flash 5.0 or above. Knowledge of Server Side script/database would be an added advantage.

The payscale is a competitive pay scale and you will not regret joining the company. You will be required to design and co-ordinate the same with html/asp/css/javascript, you will also get opportunities to work on Pocket PC Devices if you have the required skillset, which is not necessary though would be useful if you are willing to venture into.

Their development work is 100% software export to the United States. Send in your resume and portfolio as a comment link to this blog or as an e-mail to me. Remember that your minimum years of experience should be 2 years and residing (or should be able to shift at his/her own cost) to Mumbai (INDIA).


Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX
Have a look at the companion website for “Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX” book, it would be worth visiting this site if you are developing something related to the new hot technology from Macromedia. You may also buy the book from amazon.