Need some troops

I am in need of some good Flash developer again, I am sorry to say that the developer should be near me, that is Mumbai or atleast in India and who can communicate with me frequently through MSN, Yahoo or ICQ, please e-mail me with example works. I would prefer more of a back-end developer this time. Please clearly mention your hourly rate or project rate. Knowledge of PHp/mySQL or MS SQL 2000 would be an added advantage.


A well groomed and slickly brided application where you can while your time at the Coffee Shop, Martini Lounge, not to forget the usual Romance of BlueRoom, CloudNine, Flirt and Fantasize at Erotica, HotDreams, PillowTalk or eeek your true self at the Gay/Lesbian area or just at the default of the DateCam’s Lobby, you won’t regret going there. Well, the thing to catch hold of at this moment is that the site is going in Pay-mode after 3rd September, 2002. But if you sign up before that, you will be enlisted as a member free for the next one year. What is the big loss in just signing up at DateCam, you gotta whole year of free subscription to gain. The registration process was simple and straight and I did that rather easily, be prepared with a photograph of yours too just in case you want people to see you too.
The site uses the Macromedia Flash Communication Server for the whole engine and this means that the client [ user ] need not have anything special hardware or software except for the Flash 6,0,x,0 plug-in to work and the plug-in is a small download [ 394 KB, about a minute @56 kbps dial up modem ] from Macromedia.
So, go and sign up today by clicking here.

Defaults in DMX

A list member from Blueworld’s Dreamweaver list mailed me as to where has the default template for the new Pages that opens up in DMX gone. Well, the “default” template in the new DMX is is no longer on “…\configuration\templates”. The new location of the default templates for DMX is now in “…\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX\Configuration\DocumentTypes\NewDocuments”. You will find a bunch of all templates for new documents, change whichever you want to suit yourself. The default for your html is “Default.html”.

Flash Communication Components : updated

If you have not yet downloaded the updated Flash communication Components, do it now by clicking here. The latest update includes many other much awaited components. The full listing include Audio Conference, AvPresence, Chat, Connection Light, Cursor, People List, Presentation SWF, Presentation Text, Room List, SetBandwith, Simple Connect, User Color, Video Conference and whiteboard.

designer’s day out

So, few of us designers were grumbling when MM was concentrating more and more on the textual monotonous stretches which people called CODES/SCRIPTS. Hmmm, it is time for us now, MM have a whole bunch of new things in the store for us. Practically, I code because I need that for my design, heeee. Check out the mothership’s design shuttle.

min-height, max-width, min-height, max-height

A dreamweaver list friend of mine, ask me to test a page of his on my IE 5+ on a Windows OS and I learn something very useful. You must have seen and designed some or the other form of liquid (stretchable) design. You would have successfully done liquid table layouts but you must have the itchy feeling that you should also do this with text, so that they become stretchable according to the dimension of the browser.

This is possible with the CSS2 standard but this does not work in IE 5+. Neverthless, there is a work-around to this, check this nifty Javascript that solves the problem. Just tug this Javascript in your HTML.

Now, You can have something like;

Full as a goog

You must have seen RSS feeds of most of the popular blogs using flash interface and you know, it’s slow (I have to say this !) if you want a quickie of most of the blogs, you can visit fullasagoog to view them, read them. You can suggest him some new blog if you see that your favorite is missing.

elgooG derorriM

Many of you might have even seen this but I saw it today. I like this thing. You can do a reverse search, the scrollbar is reversed atleast in IE. The Results are reverse. Check out the Mirrored Google.