Successful Enterprise Complaints Management by UsefulFeedback

Think about a hypothetical situation – You get a text message from your mobile phone service provider stating that you would have to submit a few documents, for verification of your identity, to the nearest customer service center. Before you would have realized the brevity or the urgency of the submission your service provider disables the Caller Identification Presentation (CLIP) facility on your phone. You get a call, but unable to answer it somehow & you haven’t been able to be authorized to dial any number yet. You call up your customer service and they remind you of submitting your valid documents. You rush to the nearest store and submit all duly signed documents and are happy that you have done your job and the service would be activated within the next 48 hours. You are intelligent, and you did not even forget to note down the Customer Information Form (CIF).

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Win $5000 at Come2Play Flash Dev Competition

Come2Play and the Linkedin Flash Game Developers Group are launching the 2nd “Games that Challenge the World Contest” for multiplayer games. Cash prizes totalling $10,000 will be awarded to contest winners!


1st Place – $5,000
2nd Place – $3,000
3rd Place – $1,250
4th Place – $750

Come2Play Flash Dev Competition

Contest Genre & Judging:

The contest genre is ‘Casual Games’ and submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Multiplayer playability for new and return players
  • Replay ability of the game
  • Design, sound and effects
  • Concept and execution

Developers keep all rights to the games they submit and even previously released games can be entered.

Check out the winning entries of the 1st ‘Games that Challenge the World Contest’.

Full competition details, submissions available at The 2nd Games that Challenge the World Contest!

UPDATE: The contest is being extended till April 15.

The Smallest Battery has a Big Future!

Though the advancement of electronic devices & breakthrough gadgets has been advancing progressively; the battery technology still is a few steps behind the other. In the coming years, one can expect their laptops, cars, mobile phones and any other devices running on battery to be replaced by something which is more handy & small in size. This dream is possible to envisage due to a group of researchers engaged in creating new evolution in the battery technology domain.

They have successfully produced the World’s Tiniest Battery. A team headed by Jianyu Huang, a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories, carried out the experiment at the Center for Integrated Nanotecnologies (CINT), where they already got insight of a working battery, which holds key to the future smaller and efficient battery.

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Social Media Simplicity – 4 Essential Plugins

My grandmother just friended me on Facebook. So, either hell has frozen over, or social media has truly permeated every aspect of life. This multi-generational Zeitgeist is huge and companies are caching in. The best part is it is cheap and easy enough for even the smallest website to take advantage of.

The lazy approach to social media marketing is to install a bunch of plugins, which is the reason why some websites look like a McDonalds playground of colors and floating boxes.

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The most blatant Facebook injustice yet

Facebook has been criticized for their privacy violations for several years. In the United States, they may be investigated by the FTC for stealing user data and selling it to advertisers. Recently, the situation has become even more insulting for the users who have already been exploited. Facebook actually was given an award after a hacker stole login information on users.

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A thought, about worldwide adoption of Linux

This is the question that lingers in the minds of many technology enthusiasts; at least for fun, they would have given it a thought – What would happen if Linux was adopted Worldwide? An ultimate ambition that the free software community has, is for Linux to be used in the mainstream industry and it has been a goal for the past few years. Several critics have said that the happening of such an event is almost next to impossible especially on the desktop. Now for a moment, let us just keep these critics and their thoughts aside and see what would actually happen if the whole world ran Linux. Shall we?

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Take risks, calculated risks

Bullet proof vest maker entrepreneur taking a shot.
You know you are a true entreprenuer when you are willing to take a bullet for your product. The man in the photo, a bullet proof vest maker, is. (source : Baris Karadogan)

Being an entrepreneur involves taking many risks. As much as most people hate taking risks, they can’t be avoided. But taking risks doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You just have to do it carefully. Read — Entrepreneurs and Risk to get an idea of the way entrepreneurs really look at risk and the role it plays in their work.

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4 clear trends to watch in Consumer Electronics for 2011


Earlier this month the Consumer Electronics Association hosted their annual Consumer Electronics Show — showcasing upcoming trends in electronics and the newest advancements in geeky gadget technology. After 40 years in the business the trade show has grown to over 2,000 members, all of who are on the cutting edge of electronics research, development, design and distribution.

This year’s event was held on January 6-9 and yielded 4 clear trends in consumer electronics that should be a focus for IT geeks in 2011: that everything will be internet-enabled, the app frenzy will continue, tablets will continue to explode, and we should finally start seeing in 3D.

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VALUE-able Facebook is now worth $50 Billion

The end of last week seemed pretty worthy for Facebook, as it raised a whopping amount of $1.5 Billion on Friday taking its financial valuation to a net worth of $50 Billion. This should definitely make Mark Zuckerberg smile ear-to-ear as his baby project, Facebook has grown to become the third largest online service in terms of financial worth. Google leads the charts with at second position in this list.

Facebook has over-taken Yahoo! and eBay in financial standings. All thanks to the recent investment deals Facebook had with non-US investors through Goldmans Sachs which was worth $1 Billion. In addition to this Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies had also invested half a billion dollars in Facebook during the month of December.

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