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A well groomed and slickly brided application where you can while your time at the Coffee Shop, Martini Lounge, not to forget the usual Romance of BlueRoom, CloudNine, Flirt and Fantasize at Erotica, HotDreams, PillowTalk or eeek your true self at the Gay/Lesbian area or just at the default of the DateCam’s Lobby, you won’t regret going there. Well, the thing to catch hold of at this moment is that the site is going in Pay-mode after 3rd September, 2002. But if you sign up before that, you will be enlisted as a member free for the next one year. What is the big loss in just signing up at DateCam, you gotta whole year of free subscription to gain. The registration process was simple and straight and I did that rather easily, be prepared with a photograph of yours too just in case you want people to see you too.
The site uses the Macromedia Flash Communication Server for the whole engine and this means that the client [ user ] need not have anything special hardware or software except for the Flash 6,0,x,0 plug-in to work and the plug-in is a small download [ 394 KB, about a minute @56 kbps dial up modem ] from Macromedia.
So, go and sign up today by clicking here.