Advanced Query Wizard (SQL)

Mar 25, 2003

A robust SQL query-building tool that speeds and simplifies the creation of dynamic Web pages in Macromedia Dreamweaver® MX, Advanced Query Wizard simplifies Web application development by enabling designers and developers to insert dynamic data, such as information on sales, pricing, or availability, via an intuitive graphical and menu-driven interface.

The extension automatically generates the correct SQL code necessary to perform extracts, joins, filters, groups, summaries, and other complex selection criteria quickly with a simple, click-and-drag process. Advanced Query Wizard is available from with an introductory price of $99.99 till May 1, 2003, otherwise it is reasonably priced at just $129.95. You may download the installer from their download page.

Advanced Query Wizard's user-friendly format cuts programming time for novice
and advanced users alike. Its graphical and menu-driven interface automatically
creates SQL syntax to correctly perform complex extracts and joins that return
the desired dynamic record (data) sets. Other key features include :

* Seamless integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX eliminates the need to run a second program to create the correct syntax for SQL queries, or perform copy/paste from another program.
* Graphical, drag-and-drop "Join" option makes it easy to see which columns are available for creating multi-table joins and makes it easy to relate tables to each other without knowing complex join syntax.
* "Detail" or "Summary" selection provides appropriate filtering and grouping options automatically, enabling users to accurately create either kind of SQL query.
* Live view of sample data values in selected tables and columns facilitates specification of query properties such as filter conditions, column width, and grouping parameters.
* Drag-and-drop feature uses live column data in filter and grouping statements enabling faster and more accurate creation of filter and grouping statements.
* User-friendly data format function simplifies working with dates and date ranges.
* Detail and aggregate (or group) level filtering capability, plus enhanced filter logic, including "IN" list, "Between Values," "Contains,"
* "Begins with," and "Ends with" speed and simplify filter development for detail and summary queries.
* Preview capability for Recordsets and Datasets speeds and enhances troubleshooting.