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I really do like to help you

Yes, I really like to help you in your Flash issues and problems that you faced. But there are times when I really cannot answer all your questions on the Messenger and personal e-mails. Please keep Messengers for messages that we can chit-chat and while away some time and be just friends and help me not to block you for asking me repeated questions and blasting me with messages without waiting for my answer. Please use the mailing list/forums like Flashcoders, Flashcomm, FlashLounge, Flashkit, Were-here and the Macromedia Online web forums. There are many people who are much much better than me and can help you get your answers faster. And if you really wish to ask me, I have started a flash forum so that you can use it for the same. I do not mean to hurt or offend anybody, I am still open to questions and would love to help you if I can. I am still fine with mails/messages that just ask me for technical questions where I can finish off with some answerable text but not really like what you should ask in a forum or your BIG file that you attached without asking me. You can view my exported bookmark which contains some list and forums of Flash and related ones.