Spam mails, I would definitely look in

Sat, Sep 06, 2003

I have just opened an e-mail address, for all those e-mailers out there to crawl, extract and mail me with all your needs, sell me goods, offer me free passwords to porn sites, sell me inks for my printer, advertize me those sleek cars, offer me discrete viagra shipping, offer me $3000 a week earning without doing anything but sitting duck at home, offer to give me 30% of the 30 million dollar that you have in your nigeria bank, 25% out of the 50 million dollar that a deceased billionnaire left behind (please take into consideration that I am concerned about other offers which I have left out here).

I promise I will check that mail once every weekend (I will try my best) and click your links, read them, whatever. Also I expect any other language to be translated to English as I can read only that, I can atleast read if you really have an unsubscribe option. Ok, guys go on start the mails. Enjoy spamming.