The market of today needs more Advanced Flash Developers. Very recently I had witnessed two unpalatable cases where two companies have shifted to another technology just because there are not good Advanced Flash Developers ready to take on such projects, work. Well, there are not enough Flash Developers at all. The companies then just dump Flash and went in for other alternatives. They are the typical RIA that we termed it and I was unable to provide them any developers capable of doing the same. Many of my friends who are fanstastic developers are already filled up to the brim with projects. We had recently laugh at the idea if we could be given an additional 12 hrs to the normal 24 we have.

I am not very sure of a solution to this issue at the moment where more quality oriented Flash Developers are in need, and the need for it is rising day by day. More and more companies are asking and ready to take in Flash into the mainstream Development environment. There should be a way to teach and produce more advanced Flash Developers en masse. Lately, I had been trying my bit to get into teaching when time permits but it is very limited to Big Corporates asking for the same at the moment. The lack is, I think, more out of the lack of good infrastructure, people who can invest and other business stuffs (I am a novice on that ground). Prove me wrong when I say that there is no single good Institute that really teaches you Actionscript, advanced or otherwise in India.

It had come with a shocking revelation when I was told of some good Flash developers but actually most of them turn out to be still lingering the Flash 5 style of coding; onClipEvent(event), on(event) and they are producing workable big applications. They are unsure of scoping issues, there are even instances of good Flash Developers who write classes that are very tighly coupled to _root references. Isn't that like carrying silver bullets to shoot at OOP and specially inheritance in this example. Was Macromedia taking into account more of this habit when they introduced _lockroot? ;-)

Some have argued tooth and nail on how can you write onEnterFrame on the frame? How will you reference other objects? Even at this Flash MX 2004, Flash Player 7 days, some developers still scatter onEnterFrames around without garbage collecting them. It is a fact that Flash is very lenient in your development style. But then shouldn't we need to learn, clean ourselves much for the betterment of ourselves rather than just bringing products because they work.

Isn't it time to start some cleansing, some rule to put to ourselves and improve and make Flash Development better. I am very definitive that there are ardent need of Good Flash Developers and in large amount these days. Even looking from a Macromedia's angle, more Flash Developer, more good Flash Developers means more Flash in the market, more adoption of Flash by Corporates.

Looking closer home to me, India badly needs more and more Flash Developers.