Agriculture to be bangalored

Oct 26, 2004

As if in-sourcing of IT and its related services is not enough, India is planning to do farming for African countries. So, Indian farmers will also start earning in dollars! But then, the Indian farmers will be in competition with the Chinese farmers who have already started this initiative in places like Zambia. So, next time at the Consulate, don't be surprised if you are in Q along with turban clad, white dhoti-ed farmers.

On the side-note:
A business related news making headlines all across India is that of Laxmi Mittal, the steel business tycoon is the world's largest steelmaker and is also the richest man in Britain. The news hit major channels after the historic merger of his steel conglomerate Ispat with its rival, International Steel Group of USA, on Monday to form the Mittal Steel Coprporation. These people are real source of inspiration; the Tatas, the Ambanis, the Bajaj.

And two major IT-Service giants, i-Flex and Satyam have also entered the Forbes 100 best under billion company.

And for the upcoming Election in the United States, the Indians too are playing their part in a very deciding factor. Florida is believed to have over 70,000 Indian-American voters.

The Maybach is supposed to be the costliest car in India, costing a whooping Rs. 55 million (about $1.2 million). Recently there was news of Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal (of the Manikchand Pan masala tycoon) gifting one to his daughter on her birthday. Also, Porsche is hitting Indian market with two exclusive showrooms being opened in New Delhi and Mumbai. The German carmaker has brought its new Boxster S. model, the Cayenne SUV and latest Carrera 911 range, priced between Rs. 47 lakhs (about $100,000) and Rs. 86 lakhs (about $185,000). All this came in time when the luxury car market in India is looming up. Everything is imported, so one need to spend a lotta money. The entry of Porche though seems a bit late as many foreign car manufacturers have entered India long back and set their foothold on the same. If I can recollect well, Chevrolet too started their manufacturing plant in India for the Indian market about a year ago.