Dec 30, 2004

AlexanderWent to see the previw of Alexander; it is being released across India tomorrow. The movie wasn't that bad but it was not to the expectation. The war scenes where more smudged rather being clear and crisp. The dialogues in between were too stretched. They should have done some air brush on to Collin Farrel, it would have been better that way. He reminds of the usual "wounded soul boy" whom women like to "care".

Troy was a much better movie, the battles of Alexander reminded me a bit of Gladiator and wished that it could have been much much better if not at par with Gladiator. The battle special effects were lacking, it would have been better to have more clearer battle scenes even if they have to make a little more heavier use of CGI, the battle seem to lack people, warriors. The 50,000 strong greek do not look like that number at all.