Attitude adjustment problem with softwares

Dec 08, 2004

I seem to have an attitude adjustment problem with softwares, specially news ones that gets into the market. I was using Outlook Express till yesterday morning, then I shift to Mozilla Thunderbird yesternight and I am a much happier man with the matured 1.0 release. I tried Thunderbird coupla times during its pre-1.0 release but was never happy with the same, forcing me to stay put with Outlook Express.

Since yesterday, Thunderbird have become my default e-mail client. The RSS Feed itself was enough to give it a very good point. With the 1.0 release, it just supports distinctive addition of rss, atom feeds and no opml; it is a good start though. I would love that it advances on this front in future and gives us a more advanced RSS reader.

The Label thingy is another cool feature. I love the ability to really tinker the Settingsdown to the roots specifically for each and every mail ID, nonthless, I wish that it has a default settings that can apply to all mail IDs (you will like it when you check 6+ mail IDs frequently). The mail filter option is also highly advanced and will definitely put a shame to Outlook Express (the free e-mail client from Microsoft). Another major oomph factor is the Junk filtering and its ability to learn from your training. I love this junk filtering feature as I am much used to spamhilator/OE combination. I hope that Extension developers will start developing extensions specifically for Junk mails to filter according to foreign language, url filters, et al.

Tip: To save your mail settings, well infact, the whole profile, then have a look at MozillaZine Knowledge Base's Profile Folder.

If you are looking for a free, open source, small but fast and efficient e-mail client, then Thunderbird is the ultimate solution.