Bryan Adams, Room Service

Sun, Oct 10, 2004

Bryan Adams Room ServiceI recently bought Bryan Adams, Room Service and will be listening to it for sometime in days to come. I buy authentic music CDs/DVDs if it is one of those which I want to listen to and still not really an MP3 fan. May be this is the reason why I have not really thought of investing in an MP3 Player yet though I have my eyes on one of those sleek iPod. If I am buying an mp3 player it gotta be an iPod, else "I wait", the Navorski's way in The Terminal.

The album was an Indian revised version, so I am not sure if any of them are censored but here are the listings that I have on my CD.

# EastSideStory
# ThisSideOfParadise
# NotRomeoNotJuliet
# Flying
# She'sALittleTooGoodForMe
# OpenRoad
# RoomService
# IWasOnlyDreamin'
# RightBackWhereIStartedFrom
# NowhereFast
# WhyDoYouHaveToBeSoHardToLove

Oh yeah!, it came with a bonus DVD with

# OpenRoad (Video)
# HowDoYaFeelTonight (Live)
# BackToYou (Live)
# 18TillIDie (Live)
# WhenYou'reGone (Live)