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Bryan Adams, Room Service

Bryan Adams Room ServiceI recently bought Bryan Adams, Room Service and will be listening to it for sometime in days to come. I buy authentic music CDs/DVDs if it is one of those which I want to listen to and still not really an MP3 fan. May be this is the reason why I have not really thought of investing in an MP3 Player yet though I have my eyes on one of those sleek iPod. If I am buying an mp3 player it gotta be an iPod, else “I wait”, the Navorski’s way in The Terminal.

The album was an Indian revised version, so I am not sure if any of them are censored but here are the listings that I have on my CD.

  1. EastSideStory
  2. ThisSideOfParadise
  3. NotRomeoNotJuliet
  4. Flying
  5. She’sALittleTooGoodForMe
  6. OpenRoad
  7. RoomService
  8. IWasOnlyDreamin’
  9. RightBackWhereIStartedFrom
  10. NowhereFast
  11. WhyDoYouHaveToBeSoHardToLove

Oh yeah!, it came with a bonus DVD with

  1. OpenRoad (Video)
  2. HowDoYaFeelTonight (Live)
  3. BackToYou (Live)
  4. 18TillIDie (Live)
  5. WhenYou’reGone (Live)