Fahrenheit 9/11

Sun, Oct 17, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11I wasn't really expecting that much of an audience turn-out for a documentary film of a nation that is on the opposite side of the globe, but the theatre was almost full on today's faithful late night show. Add to the fact that the movie was on a four screen theatres with another neighbouring it. The other screens were showing equally good movies. This simply means that people are really interested to know more about the other part of the world.

I was on my usual movie night with my friend, planned to hit on either Fahrenheit 9/11, King Arthur or Bride and Prejudice, though not really in that order. I was more mentally bend towards King Arthur but had to keep it for the next movie-timetable. Bride and Prejudice would have been a repeatation for me and I had made a quick wish that we do not end up for it (I though kept that thought to myself not to hurt my friend's feelings). I will start to hate Aishwarya Rai more if I see that movie gain. B&P was one of those movie with canned storyline which you know the tags and tucks of what is what, just that they have some white foreigners mannequined and pasted on the scenes. It was better off watching the local hindi version and laugh off at the stupidity and even catch a nap in between. I was there just to watch Aishwarya's beauty, which too is weaning away with her age (damn, she already crossed 31 this September).

Fahrenheit 9/11 was a nice movie to sit back and watch, smile off at the ways things are portrayed. Personally, I am so bad with politics that I would not like to comment on anything. It is just that the movie is cool in itself. All footages were nicely stitched. I know that Americans would definitely like to see and love all the stages of the movie. But I am confident that a non-American will feel a bit of a drag and sloth on the second part of the movie. This though do not necessarily mean that I love just the comic part of the movie and not the emotional sentiments, I am looking at it more from a movie perspective. Putting it my way, it is about the pre-9/11, the 9/11 and the post 9/11. And the release here in India came a bit late than usual.