Are you interested in working on some of the most challenging Flash Projects, Rich Internet Applications, Macromedia Central and Flex Applications? Are you interested in weaving multiple Macromedia Products (ColdFusion, Flash Communication Server, Flash Remoting, Director, Flex, Central)? Are you interested in being part of the team that build Applications that make their mark in the Web Industry? Are you ready to face challenge of precise timelines, pin-point milestone, ultimate adrenaline rush delivery deadlines? Last but not the least, do you want to learn more, improvise your skill in Macromedia Product faster than the average developers/designers?

If you have YES to most of the questions above, then our fast growing company, Oinam Software, with its dedicated aim of "Research, Analysis and Development (RAD)" of Macromedia Technologies is looking for you. Formed recently, Oinam Software is waiting for the paperworks to be finalized and be called "Oinam Software Pvt. Ltd." Be a part of the team who love to push the envelope and much much beyond.

Server Side Coder(s)

* Very proficient in server side scripts (PHP, ASP, JSP) and can move into ColdFusion by just studying the syntax for some duration of experimentations. If you are proficient in ColdFusion already, you are most welcomed
* Proficient with databases (MS SQL, MYSQL, PostGreSQL etc.)
* Should be comfortable with (x)html and not just drag-dropper in Dreamweaver (any mention of Frontpage in your CV will directly remove you from the merit list).
* You should not be thrown back in your seat when you see CSS codes and should understand atleast the difference between Classes and ID Selectors and where, when to use them.

Flash Developer(s)

* Optional but if you are good with a Strong Typed Language (Java, C++) and can deal well with OOP and Design Patterns, you will likely be in the top list of the selection
* You have been working on Flash since Version 5 or before; or else you are exceptionally good but working since Flash MX
* You can work on Flashcom and still feel at home without the Macromedia's Flashcom components
* You have tried Flash Remoting once or twice atleast and feel isn't that difficult to pick up
* Good with ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 1.0 is easy for you; you are not someone who cluster @_root@ all around your FLA!


* We would love to share our skills, help each other, brainstorm on ideas and new methodology but we hate having to hold your hand
* If you feel that the codes that you wrote 6 months ago is still cool, you will feel awkward among us and will likely be left-out
* If you don't know Firefox and thinks Internet means Internet Explorer, we see you not so different from the common people who use computers to browse, chat, send mails, forward jokes around; you will likely be un-easy with our team
* You should speak and understand English enough to communicate well with the team


* You should be able to stay/live in Mumbai (INDIA), much better if you are from Mumbai (accommodation will be arranged for exceptionally good outstation candidates)
* Expected salary/remuneration?
* Want to work fulltime or On-Contract or Work-from-home? (In the last case, you should be able to have a very very effective communication, work flawlessly with a distant team, have some working knowledge of online repository like CVS, SVN)
* Don't flood your CV with all the techno-babbles that you have heard, just mention your core skillsets
* Full mailing address, telephone et al

Though not in urgent requirement, we are also looking for trainees who are already good with computer technologies, have atleast two years working experience (in Information Technology of course) and want to excel in Macromedia Technologies. Apply appropriately for the same with the subject "TRAINEE". You will be trained by Developers/Designers who have been working on live projects and have enough knowledge to make you a good developer/designer.

Mail your CVs, querries ONLY to jobs(at)oinam(d0t)com along with sample works, projects, code snippets, design fragments, url displays to woe the selection team here. No phone calls will be entertained.