I had missed, carved for, waited and let go two seasons of MAX for this 2004 MAX and had almost finished all preparations for the same, when I realized I was choosen amongst many to speak at Flash Europe. So, I had no regret to put MAX aside for this season too and was concentrating on the Flash Europe thingy. But now as Flash Europe is postponed to March, 2005, I am left with nothing but to abandon all travel plans for this year.

Nonthless, this had just opened a door for me to go back to my home town for coupla days and show my face to my relatives and family to prove that I am still alive and much kicking. Too bad I am making this trip after 5 years, well, they have already started thinking I am not really in a normal mental state to stay away from home for so long. This time of the year is the season of some of the best festivals in India, specially Diwali, The Festival of Light, combined with a special regional festival in my home town where all relatives, specially married sisters coming back to their brothers and parents and gathers up for big feast, meet up, giftings et al.

Well, this quick holiday may make me a bit slow with mails, updates and not really online, though I will definitely check mails atleast thrice a day (Currently my mail client auto-checks every five minutes unless I am at a theatre watching a movie or outside without my Laptop and these are rather not a frequent event.)