Flash Wallpaper from Tenmiles, is an application which can convert SWF file into a distributable wallpaper installer. It also boasts of Syndication of RSS Feed, Gaming, Calendars but I don't see any click-click option or a drag-drop option to do that. Tenmiles must be trying to say that you can do this in Flash yourself and you can package as a wallaper installer. Well, with other highly competitive tools having this wallpaper distributable feature, it is difficult to say if this would really suffice your needs. Well, if you really just need to churn out Wallpapers for your clients, make them extra happy, bring out extras for your products, applications, then this is one tool that can do some zippy work for you.

It supports SWFS version from 4, 5, 6 to 7. You have the choice of specifying additional resource files required by the wallpaper, like, text file, xml, mp3. You have the option to distribute the installer with or without the Flash Player OCX. This is a windows only version. I like the easy to use UI, simple steps, fast, quick way to bring out a wallpaper installer. The overall inteface though did not really catch my fancy. It sports a mixture of windows specific layout with few custom graphics thrown in. As my area of work and projects are not really in this arena, I was not able to test it extensively. Having said that, the tool have done a good start and can improve and it has the potential to gain market momentum in this genre.