Recently I realized that Macromedia Web Forum no longer "subscribe" you to the thread you reply automatically. This was done more to facilitate the fact that the e-mail reminder do not disturb people while posting or replying on the web forum. Unfortunately for me, I have not grown to click that manually and thus I lost tract of all replies that I made on the forum. Previously all follow-up posts were dropped in my message centre automatically through which it was easy for me to reply back. But then, I am also getting used to some enterprising people who mail me directly with the link to the forum post which they want my attention, this is a cool idea. I would be glad to help out and follow-up to the replies I made and if I am not following up on your post for quite sometime, please mail me with the link to the web forum and I will do what I can. Yes, I am available more on the Flash Web Forum.
On a more lighter note, let me take this opportunity to highlight a forum dedicated to all Macromedia Products, more emphasized on the Indian Developers but then very open to the whole world. It is the forum at the IndiaMMUG; (this was the forum attached to my site but then I denounced it and dedicated it to the group).