I, Robot

Aug 16, 2004

I, Robot was recently released across India on August 13, 2004. The DVD will take a bit more time to hit the market, well for sure my dealer will inform me of the same. The wet monsoon and the tight-ticket counter at the weekends drove my instinct to try today instead of facing the crowd during its release day. Well, to me it is a nice movie, good treat to escape from your work.

Chicago, in the year 2035, Del Spooner (Will Smith) does the action very well without really doing any robotic twist and turns with his body, no hard faced look even though the whole of his left hand is a totally replaced mechanical part from USR. Neverthless, he is one hell of a good driver, the movie finds satisfaction in showing that off about three times, 2 manual drive on his car and one on his bike on the super fast expressway.

I was expecting a "Sonny will be back" from Will Smith but good that it was avoided. Governor Arnie, erstwhile Terminator would have definitely said that. In the past, he have done the likes of "I will be back", "She will be back", this time was perfect for "He will be back".

I am not very sure of the importance of the role played by Robot Psychologist Susan Calvin (Bridget Moyahan). May be to fill in the gap of a lead women role for the movie. My particular interest was with all the computers in the movie responding to anybody's voice command. The computer did not even ask for a access code, password, identification. When Will Smith tried to see "last accessed program" on Dr. Alfred Lanning's (James Cromwell, the man behind the new NS-5 prototype, 'father' of Sonny and the main Robot Inventor at U.S. Robotics Corporation) home computer, he was there seeing the computer LCD. May be as a Detective, he is given authorization or as a good friend of Lanning's, he made it such that Will Smith can access the same, he even have himself terminated just to get his attention. The nice thing about Will Smith was that he still wears a shoe from 2004, his stereo do not know voice command, but rather controlled by 'old' remote control system.