The Indian theatres were ready to Kill Bill (script) at last on August 20th, 2004. The next day, I with a friend, actually were set out to watch Shrek 2, we were late for my confirmed but unpaid ticket (booked through SMS at Fun Republic) and so we ended up seeing Black Mamba aka The Bride aka Mommy aka Kiddo (Uma Thurman) killed Bill (David Carradine) of the "Deadly Viper Assassination Squad".

Volumn 2 turn out to be more of a story telling unlike lots of blood and chopped limbs in Vol 1. Remember how she finishes off O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) and the "Crazy 88". In Vol 2, one of the particular thing I like was the sub-titled phrases of Pei Mei (Gordon Liu). The old man who is supposedly a legendary Chinese master in the martial arts. He trained Bill and all of the DiVAS, a group that originally included O'Ren-Ishii (Lucy Liu) aka Cottonmouth and Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) aka Copperhead from Vol 1. Pei Mei's Five Point dead blow was a nice concept, well you do not need to be reminded that he taught that technique only to Black Mamba, Bill realized that at the end when he was about to die.

Another starkling concept to me was Black Mamba coming up from six feet under, well, she bore through the coffin but the thick earth! And that too after bearing two shots from Budd's (Tarantino alumnus Michael Madsen) shotgun loaded with rock salt. May I miss something while I went out midway during the movie to catch a hot tea (it was raining heavy that day). I do like the music, which I think is mostly Asian but seem to mixed up with the American tune.