Macromedia bangalored

Oct 22, 2004

"Millions use our software. A chosen few develop it." That is the head tagline that I saw on the Macromedia India website. I had remained totally silent about the Macromedia Development center at Bangalore, India because none at Macromedia mentioned that officially. But now I think everything is official and open. If you are looking for job opportunities, head over the site and apply for the same.

I remember that phone call (an excerpt);

Lady: Do you want to work for a company which is your dream company?
Me: May I know the name of the Company?

Lady: I am sorry, but it is a big MNC and is your dream company!
Me: Well, you have to give me an extremely good reason, I rejected IBM's offer recently. Are you from the same Recruiting Agency?

Lady: No.
Me: How did you get my number?

Lady: We have databases of developers, and I also registered recently at IndiaMMUG and I saw your name there too.
Me: Ok

Lady: The company have setup a new office in Bangalore and they are looking for talented developers, many have applied.
Me: (with the recent buzz about Macromedia, India, I was feeling the air of the same) Is this about Macromedia?

Lady: YES
Me: Had it been 2 years ago, I would have jump in right away. I am flattered but I am sorry.