Macromedia have announced a comprehensive update to both Macromedia Director and the Shockwave Player. This update includes a wide variety of changes to both the authoring environment and the player, including but not limited to:

* dozens of bug fixes across the product, including the documentation
* the ability to create projectors for the Classic Macintosh operating systems from Windows
* a new, "slim" Shockwave Player installer resulting in a download size nearly 2MB smaller than before, this includes changes to the Shockwave Player's Xtras auto-downloading mechanism to ensure that existing content continues to function correctly. Note: Macromedia is also providing full installers (these contain all Xtras) in both executable form and in CAB file form (for ActiveX auto-installs).
* reduced number of dialogs during the Shockwave Player installation process for all Windows users and a redesigned installation completion movie

Currently, Macromedia is only providing updated installers for Macromedia Director (in all languages). They are promising that within the next week or so, the Shockwave Player installers will be available from the Player Download Center and as part of the free-licensing program for distributing on fixed-media or in corporate intranet environments.


* Updater Download
* Bug fixes for Director and Shockwave versions 10.x.x

In addition, Macromedia is also posting more information about how the changes to the default set of Xtras in Shockwave will affect developers (they don't!) and information about how developers can direct users to the full-install experience if desired. Please look for these in the coming days in the Director Support Center.