Ocean's 12Ocean's Twelve is being released in India along with the worldwide release; saw it on day one here at Fun Republic, Mumbai (INDIA).

Unlike the previous movie (Ocean's 11), this one is more about relationships, about code of conduct of the errr, thieves. There was not much importance to the wit of the thieves but rather about the criss-cross relationships between and amongst them. I just wish that the later story tag of Julia Roberts acting like "Julia Roberts", and Bruce Willies was not there at all. It looked more like a lump of itchy rashes to the whole movie storyline, which again is rather like the old movie, similar theme, execution, plannings.

George Clooney was worried about his body above his neck showing off his age, around 52. Brad Pitt tried to steal most of the cool shows in the movie but then after watching him in Troy, my eyes were expecting a bit more. Matt Damon tried to stick up but well he does not have much time in such a short movie for such a long cast.

Neverthless, it was a movie good enough to spend through the whole afternoon.