Pragmatic Version Control Using CVS

Wed, Dec 29, 2004

Pragmatic Version Control Using CVS by Dave Thomas, Andy Hunt is one good book on CVS (Concurrent Versions System). Get this book for your library collection if you plan to do Project Management and learn the intricacies of a CVS system. The book is easy to read and not just targetted for *nix flavors, so windows users should also find it easier to read and understand the same.

Our team have been using both the CVS and SVN modules on, (other CVS; BitKeeper, Forte, PVCS, Perfoce, Visual SourceSafe) and we are now at a stage where we cannot do without the same. As some of our developers are spread across the globe, this online repository system is one good way of managing, repositing our projects in shape and upto-date. Some of the CVS/SVN windows client which our team are used to are TortoiseCVS and TortoiseSVN.