Software Architect Bootcamp

Sat, Oct 02, 2004

Have you decided to get dirty with application architecturing or lead a team of designers/developers; decided to architect, manage, develop and deliver applications? Besides many other books in this genre, one such I read recently (ok, started long back but finished recently) is Software Architect Bootcamp by Raphael Malveau and Thomas J. Mowbray, Ph.D.

Software, Application Architecturing - if you have already started, this books will still provide a good lead, teaching you how to solve problem and to discipline yourself to be a successful Software, Application Architect. And yes, no such book is complete without OOP, Design Pattern; you have them too. Additionally, it talks about software engineering practices, designer/developer management, documentation et cetera. It also contain a rather good amount of diagrams, examples, design templates, examples and a glossary of Software Architecture Terminology.