I just finished reading the book "A process of ongoing improvement, The Goal", a book from Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox. I bought the book while I was on my usual book buying trip and I don't regret picking it up. Ok, before you go ahead, I would like to suggest that if you would not like to go into leading a team, be a project manager or a manger, better stay away from this book, it will not really be a palatable subject for you.

The author deals mostly in a way where he uses day-to-day happening to apply to his issues, problem; his plant here in the book. He even learns a good lesson from his son's tracking team. And this book deals and talks about management in a story-narrating pattern and tells you a story of how he goes about solving his problems in his office.

As a plant manager, he faces many contrasting ideas between the marketing, accounting, production and other departments in his organization. He then gets back to his old lecturer, a management guru, solves the problems.

Ok, then how do we apply the ideas, if at all, we have learnt anything from the book?
Well, the ways we can apply is how we can manage time, our skillset usage and time wasted, consumed in doing other side-works that are not directly but rather in-directly contribute to your work (like experiments, browsing, reading) and in turn affecting our ROI, paychecks, client's payments. I would rather be saying that we should apply more with time management as that is the most critical thing that we can go wayward with our type of work; development. If you are a project manager or a team leader, then it will apply more appropriately by improving your organizational effectiveness, productivity, reduce team members' mis-management.