The Terminal

Sep 25, 2004

The TerminalIf you like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, then you will definitely like this movie too. Well, the two movies looks pretty similar to me, only that this time, he is among humans and he need not shed weights. He learnt english this time just like he learnt to use the home made harpoon in Cast Away. Being an ardent fan of Tam Hanks, The Terminal was already in my list to see movie. Released in India yesterday, today was my chance to enjoy the movie.

Viktor Navorski played by Tom Hanks comes from Krakozhia to New York. Unfortunately, and that is where our movie stems from, a military disturbance took over in his country. His VISA has been canceled while he is in the airport, well more precisely while he is in his plane. Another mishap is that the United States Government cannot send him back to his country as his country is now not recognized. Which means he "does not exist". The airport head allow Viktor free access inside the Airport Terminal, but he should not leave the airport. Then the remaining is the movie, how he learn to earn the quarter, earn $19 an hour for his carpentry work (paid cash under the desk). He then eventually met the sexy Amelia played by Catherine Zeta-Jones whom he met coupla times and more.

Many tit-bit incidents happened, plays poker for lost-and-found items, gets the red denial stamp from the same INS agent every day, and plays cupid to the delivery man who keeps him well fed. He even got the delivery man married to the INS agent later on. One incident that really got him the title of "goat" (I hope I am pronouncing it correctly) was when he helped a person close to his home, getting drugs for his ailing father. As Victor have read the blue document, he know that drugs can be taken out if it were for animals and not human. So, he said it was for "goat" and not for his father.

When things were almost done or rather twisted by the Airport Head and he was to leave for his country, Mr. Gupta, the man from Madras, India who stabbed a policeman and is now a cleaner at the airport helped him. Well, watch out for the wet floor, Gupta loves to see people slip on his clean but wet floor, "Nobody in America reads the sign!".

Victor then finally went to get the last signature fulfilling his father's wish. He put the signed papercard in the Peanut's can and that's it the movie was over. Nice movie to relax your brain, laugh out a bit. Enjoy!