The Ultimate Web Host?I am looking out for a webhost which I can swear upon in term of uptime, technical excellence, scalability, well I mean kick-ass hosting. When I was running and concentraing on just my personal blog (, I was very happy with (mt) but then my need grew, then somehow I cannot afford the luxury of (mt) anymore. My current host is also good, good technical support, fast and good but somehow I am not satisfied yet. I have been facing lotta issues lately, it so happens that sometimes both my primary mail server and the back-up mail server goes down.

I wanted to go back to (mt) but the option that I am eyeing for is costly for me. I have been visiting their ColdFusion Appliance Server hosting option quite often. But with the monthly payment of $149.95 (or $129.95 monthly if paid for 3 months in advance), it is not yet possible for me to dedicate that much of money for the hosting.

Do you have a better choice for a not-so-costly host but at the same time be good enough for some intensive web hosting, spits out mails without Q-ing for the shared server load to serve web pages, please let me know. Also, while we are on this topic, do you have alternative of CVSDude. The site is good and our team have been very happy with it, I just wish to look for other alternatives and greener pastures.

If you run a web hosting house and want to sell to me, please contact me. But you should be able to answer most of my questions ranging from the most stupid to the smart ones. ;-)

What I need is something in this line.

* 24/7 support
* Good Technical Support
* Quick e-mail reply
* PHP 4+
* Perl
* Python
* User (Domain) Control Panel
* About 250GB data transfer
* Backups
* Can be anywhere in the United States

Anything on top of these will be warmly accepted.

A warning if you ever go to Silicon House, they are the people who can say "why should we give you so much support and care for such a low price". They support sucks even before you become their client. So, from my experience, never go to them. Very sad to say but I have not found any hosting in India who are competent enough to answer even few simple pre-buying questions which I asked.