PJ and Supreme4 collections of Flash Text Effects, which were available as SWFX/WildFX plugins, are now available as Macromedia Flash MX (MX / 2004 / 2004 professional) Component collections. Drag & drop effects from the component panel, set text; as easy as that. All effects have customizable parameters. They can now be adjusted to your liking without any limitations. PJ and Supreme 4 collections together contain over 150 original effects.
I am thinking of two winning options
(a) Three lucky individuals can win 3 Power pack (PJ+Supreme4)
(b) 5 licenses of choice for either PJ or Supreme4 for the first 5
If the demand is good, Mr. Patrick Jansen is ready to give us more.
I am yet to come up with an idea for the competition, while I am on it, you can go to the Component's site and view the details. Come back to my blog later to know what you have to do to win the same (may be I will post another message so that all aggregators and newsreader also picks up the same).