Over to Flash 8, Studio 8

Finally, we got our Studio 8 licenses and we are ready to rock and roll with 8th incarnation of Flash, Dreaamweaver. Personally, I have not re-installed Studio MX 2004/Flash 7 ever since my Notebook crashed and have been on Flash 8 for quite somtime (or rather a very long time). Our Dev Team will very soon be using Studio 8 and move away from Studio MX 2004 altogether. I would like to thank Macromedia yet again.

Btw, Dreamweaver 8 Review is a good review of a WYSIWYG Designer/Developer tool from a hand coder.

Weekend Web Watch

I have been looking around for an online/offline attendance kinda software but haven’t had any success so far. I would prefer an open source one or an affordable license if it is commercial. In the wake of that, I had stumbled upon coupla interesting links.


Netvibes is a customizable web 2.0 homepage solution.

This free service gives the user the ability;

  • to create a personalized page with the content you like.
  • to put together data feeds and services from web 2.0 applications with a very simple interface
  • to access your page anytime and from any computer .

It have some key features like;

  • Browse, modify, and import your RSS feeds with our integrated RSS/ATOM feedreader. You can easily import an OPML file as well.
  • Import, download and listen to podcasts without any additional software
  • Check your e-mail on one or many Gmail accounts; stick web notes and weather updates etc.
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Ben Forta in India?

Ben Forta is likely to be in India during the India MAX 2005, Bangalore Chapter! I am sure the ColdFusion Developers in India have a good reason to rejoice and perhaps plan their trip to Bangalore during early to mid December (I don’t know if Macromedia have fixed the dates yet!).

Webvertizement Wave

Is it just me or the World Wide Web is gaining on the advertizement momentum in a bigger way again. Coupla days back, I saw an article in the aggregators about the Million Dollar Homepage which consists of 1 million individual pixels. Each pixel is valued at $1 a piece with a minimum purchase requirement of a 100 pixel block (10 × 10 pixels).

Today I saw Jason from 37Signals and Jeffrey Zeldman wrote about The Deck. Formed by A List Apart, 37signals and Coudal Partners, The Deck is the premier advertising network to reach out to the web and design professionals.

Simple Thoughts reported that Google and its network partners sites displaying its Adsense accounted for most of the company’s earnings. Google posted revenues of $1.578 billion for the quarter ending September 30, 2005, up 96% from the third quarter of 2004.
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Flash Ads that itches

I saw it being done, able to do during the Flash 6 Player days and was really against using it in the wrong manner. If you are using it, have an option for the user to disable it, close it or atleast make it non-intrusive; but TimesJob have their flash pop-up ad without even an option to close leave alone disable it. It is not just their site but I have encountered on coupla other sites, I really hated them. Today, I notice it again on their site when I went there to register our company for Job Recruits/Vacancy. I have to wait for the itch to go away and I can’t even scratch it. That ad really irritated me like hell and totally distracted me from their site, their content.

  • Why don’t some people just realized anything about usability?
  • Why don’t sites focused more on actual contents and non-intrusive features?
  • Why aren’t user allowed to take decisions?
  • Why are you forcing the user and not helping them with the information?

Or was it that the Designer/sDevelopers thought s/he found a cool widget to do that?
Comeon! That is so 2003s.
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Brajeshwar v6.0

I have been planning a revamp for almost a year and when I finally did one, it looks like it needed a revamp tomorrow. But then, let me put that tomorrow for another year! I just saw Joshuaink, that kept me pondering if that is a website or a nicely well-kept, mowed garden where beautiful flowers grow. The site is so nice, clean and wierdly beautiful that made my site look like a rectangular match-box with steel frames. Nothing more can I do than just be jealous and admire that site design.

Onwards, browsing through the galley section at CSSVault, I am totally amazed at how people come up with some of the best known UI Designs. Look at the cool UI Designs, Spilt Cocoa, Folietto, JoshDura, Snook, etcetera and yes, I felt again that I should re-do my site!
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