On a YearǃÙs Eve somewhere in Detroit, Precinct 13 is being closed. They have no locked-up detainees. Sgt. Jake Roenick (Ethan Hawke) looks like he is still working as an undercover narcotics cop. He is nursing a prescription drug and alcohol problem due to a drug bust gone wrong over a year ago. Due to his mistakes, his team was killed. He is now being evaluated by the rather sleek, sexy police therapist, Alex Sabian (Maria Bello).

Then their New YearǃÙs Eve celebration is interrupted by a busload of criminals sidelined by the weather. The chief inmate is a neat-cut, well-dressed, crime lord named Marion Bishop (Laurence Fishburne of the Matrix fame). Then the Precinct got surrounded by uber-outfitted militia men with night-vision, hi-tech gear, firepower and explosives. Roenick initially thought that the BishopǃÙs men are trying to break him out. It is only after Roenick kills one of the men and identifies him as a cop that he goes to Bishop for an explanation. Bishop says that he has been working for ten years with the chief of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Squad. The chief will not allow Bishop to testify against him and his men. Then Roenick gather up the cops and prisoners together to protect themselves.

The movie is one of those nasty cop thriller. Fishburne has all the right lines of dialogue. I watch the movie as I landed in Singapore, well the first thing I did was to find a movie theatre.