This month, May 2005 marks the third year of blogging at I just realized that I have been blogging for 3 years; started somewhere in "May, 2002 (May, 2002)": It was the day I saw "Macromedia Flash HQ photographs (Macromedia Flash HQ photographs)": on "Mike Chamber's (Mike Chamber's)": blog which was then on " (":

Go to Mike Chamber's "current Blog (Mike Chamber's Blog)":

And within this very month, our team at "Oinam Software (Oinam Software)": have decided to have a blog-type section which will deal with pure, un-adulterated technical articles, notes, write-ups __etcetera__. Technical articles concentrating on many aspects of Application Development, Design Behaviors, User Experiences and everything else in between. We still have to sit down and discuss a bit more on the url, the authors, the designs, the blog tool and everything else; the very likely url will be " (": So, you may like to keep a watch over that url, even if we decide on a different one, " (": will always be re-directed to the appropriate url. Oh! the team at Oinam Software would like to mention that besides some already written articles, we have discussed on many other interesting and valuable topics which are all coming soon.