Meet the Fockers

Mar 11, 2005

On the very same day about 6 hours before I was to leave for Singapore, being a real movie freak that I am, went out to "Meet the Fockers (Meet the Fockers)": After enjoying Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) watch over Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) in "Meet the Parents (Meet the Parents)":, it was very natural on my part that I will be enjoying this movie too.

As my movie partner commented, the movie was not just funny but *hilarious*. I am not really sure if the movie would be really called a good comedy movie, as a sequal, it was already known that this will be something in the line of the first one. But then, who cares when you can simply let your brain loose and let it laugh out from your heart, lips and everywhere else. It is difficult remembering more about the movie (I watched that on the 7th March, 2005). Just go out, watch it and enjoy a moment of laughter.