Weekend Web Watch

Oct 30, 2005

I have been looking around for an online/offline attendance kinda software but haven't had any success so far. I would prefer an open source one or an affordable license if it is commercial. In the wake of that, I had stumbled upon coupla interesting links.


"Netvibes (Netvibes)":http://www.netvibes.com/ is a customizable web 2.0 homepage solution.

This free service gives the user the ability;

* to create a personalized page with the content you like.
* to put together data feeds and services from web 2.0 applications with a very simple interface
* to access your page anytime and from any computer .

It have some key features like;

* Browse, modify, and import your RSS feeds with our integrated RSS/ATOM feedreader. You can easily import an OPML file as well.
* Import, download and listen to podcasts without any additional software
* Check your e-mail on one or many Gmail accounts; stick web notes and weather updates etc.

*How to Interview a Programmer*

Recognizing good programmers among job applicants is not easy. This article, "How to Interview a Programmer (How to Interview a Programmer)":http://www.artima.com/wbc/interprogP.html, contains interview techniques, garnered from a recent summit on writing better code, that can help you can find the most qualified programmers for your project.

*Get Slashdotted Tips and Tricks Collection*

Wikipedia defines "The Slashdot Effect (The Slashdot Effect)":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashdotting as __a particular example of how incoming links from a popular website can cause a smaller site to slow down or even temporarily close due to the increased traffic. The name comes from the huge influx of web traffic that often results from sites being mentioned on Slashdot, a popular technology news and information site. Typically, less robust sites are unable to cope with the huge increase in traffic and become unavailable ÇƒÏ either their bandwidth is consumed or their servers fail to cope with the high strain.__

Look at the "collection of tips and tricks (collection of tips and tricks to get your site Slashdotted)":http://pchere.blogspot.com/2005/10/get-slashdotted-tips-and-tricks.html to get your site Slashdotted.

Btw, you can visit and enjoy some of the sleek games of "Outside of Society (Outside of Society)":http://oos.moxiecode.com/