Agent Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson), "We need a new xXx, more dangerous, more deadly, more attitude and not just a skateboard, sky-diving agent". So, he turn to Darius Stone (singer turned actor Ice Cube), an erstwhile Navy SEAL wrongly court-martialed and imprisoned, replacing the previous xXx Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) who is supposed to be dead or he asked for a higher fee for the second movie that they killed him in the storyline.

We still have our gadget man, Toby Lee Shavers (Michael Roof) who helps Gibbons and Stone to save the president of the United States from an assassination attempt by the Secretary of Defense Gen. George Deckert (Willem Dafoe). You will like the movie if you are those who loves all blast, ear deafening explosions, car blast, speed chase. Ice Cube even repeated his drive-on-the-rail-line like he did in "Torque (Torque)":, only this time with a half-a-million-dollar car that went 225 miles an hour, tore the rubber, drove on the metal rim and followed the bullet train on its track. They even introduced "tank jacking" for the first time.

Ice Cube still carries his good-man-bad-attitude scowl that we see in Torque to this movie too. Oh yeah! there is that sexy Charlie (Sunny Mabrey), who looked a bit out of place in a boy's game. Gibbons have rightly told Stone, "You should have killed that bitch".

I particularly liked Toby Lee's binocular and the flying-bot-thingy used by the villains in the introductory scene, which is perhaps about 10 years ahead of NSA's technicalities. I also like the way most of them give smart ass comments and later on told to "save the speech" by the other. By the way, it was even not worth trying to get the plot of the movie properly, I just sat there trying to enjoy the eye-candy. I am beginning to feel that the gaphics, the effects, CGI are not that impressive these days. May be because we know how they are done, filtered, blue-screened, green-screened, bullet-timed, cabled. Movie makers should have never done those DVD-how-we-made-them thingy.

They are showing "Elektra (Elektra)": now, been thinking if I should watch it on the big silver screen or just let it go. Last time, I watched that which was a modified version to fit the small in-flight screen. Or *Robots* may be a better option, good reviews abounds for this movie everywhere.