A family in Abbasiya employed a maid at their house to look after their kid. After few days, the kid remained gloomy, tired and afraid. With suspicion in their mind, the family put a hidden cam in their Living Room when they left for work. When they returned and saw the recorded video, they were shocked to see how badly the maid treats the child.

This is pure Off-Topic but I am posting it here for the disrespect, scorn and hatred I have for anybody mis-treating a child. I am putting up the extracted video here for you to see and make your judgements.


Take your own judgements. With internet scams like those of the Nigerians asking for safe-keeping of millions of dollars, Chinese seeking to sell quality products at incredibly cheap prices, perpetual paypal and ebay reminders to change your hacked-old-password, Banks asking you to re-activate your account when you don't even have an account with them, the Prestisge Who's Who Scam and many others; I have stop judgement for happenings on the internet.

The original video is available at abbasiya page at the time of writing this article.