Designers occupy a weird space in the business world, lots of power (to control form and behavior), and yet none (we're usually dependent on others to execute the design). We care a lot about our designs (we're not usually in this field for the money) and we want you to care about them as well. We want to be partners with developers and be respected as such. Our common ground is that we all (hopefully) want what's best for the project. And with a little compromise and understanding on both sides, that can be the case.

The above paragraph is an excerpt from a "Vitamin (Vitamin)": Article - "Everything you wanted to know about designers (Everything you wanted to know about designers)": but were afraid to ask. You'll find the article inspiring and perhaps help you enagage your designers more effectively.


Recently, 3 free wordpress, movable type, typepad, livejournal themes/styles were released for free, open source. In regards to that, "Web Templates Blog ("Web Templates Blog)": picked me up for an Interview - "Interview : Brajeshwar Oinam (Web Templates Blog interviews Brajeshwar Oinam)": The released themes/styles were "Brajeshwar v7.0 (Brajeshwar v7.0)":, "Kiss (Kiss)": and "Nishita (Nishita)":

It had been long enough that I left the design field and afraid that I might have to do the same with the development field soon. I'm more and more being engulfed into the business, client relationship, team (developer/designer) relationship, project execution aspects of the Technology realm. I have left designing long enough to be comfortable with not having photoshop installed on my computer. In the past, to do anything with an image, I would have used "photoshop (Photoshop)": even for the smallest tast and could navigate around though the various keyboard permutations and combinations. I am now comfortable with just "Paint.Net (Paint.Net)": to do the minimal image manipulation task like cropping, enhancing, _et al_ for blog post, uploads, sharing. Of course, recently being a total "Mac Convert (Mac Convert)":, "Image Well (Image Well)": is my ultimate companion for Image manipulation. Btw, both of the applications are "freeware (Freeware)":

I still have the design's emotion, the developer's spirit and will likely continue to have throughout my life.


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