Our team was discussing this "F3 (F3)":http://blogs.sun.com/chrisoliver/entry/f3, which is a declarative Java scripting language with static typing for good IDE support and compile-time error reporting, type-inference, declarative syntax, and automatic data-binding with full support for 2D graphics and standard Swing components as well as declarative animation. You can also import java classes, create new Java objects, call their methods, and implement Java interfaces.

That simply spell the goodness, brain of Java Development and the beauty of Flash UIs. Take a look at finished product done with F3 - "Tesla Motors (Tesla Motors)":http://www.teslamotors.com/. Amaze yourself with the "Styling (Styling)":http://www.teslamotors.com/styling/body.php done in F3.

"Chris Olive (Chris Olive)":http://blogs.sun.com/chrisoliver/, the developer of F3 claims that he can write nearly exact replicas of many Flash or DHTML or Java programs in a remarkably short amount of time. He supposedly did this "Amazon Flash Search thingy (Amazon Flash Search thingy)":http://www.laszlosystems.com/lps/sample-apps/amazon/amazon2.lzx?lzt=htmlin 2 days using F3.

F3 looks cool and awesome; my best wishes to it.