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Fabrik of Storage

Keyur PatelAbdul Qabiz just forwarded me this article, Fabrik of Storage, from Om Mallik. He talks about a new startup, Fabrik, a San Mateo-based company that plans to reinvent the world of storage. My main interested is because of a person whom very recently I took utmost admiration whole heartedly, Keyur Patel, the chairman of Fabrik Inc. Keyur Patel is also the Venture Partner with ComVentures.

Having introduced to Keyur Patel through a stern email, I had known him to be the man with strong, solid demands and who can get things done fast, quick without mistakes. However, after interacting more with him, I was lucky enough to make him happy by quickly fixing few bugs for Fabrik, he turn out to be a very nice guy. I am looking forward to meeting him very soon.