Firefox 2.0 released, get the MUST HAVE magazine of Add-ons

Wed, Oct 25, 2006

Microsoft Congratulates Firefox 2.0 Release

Well, the "FTP link (Direct FTP link to Firefox Downloads)": was seen everywhere and almost everybody in the *little-ahead - techno-sphere* were already playing with the "Release (Firefox 2.0 release Note)": Version of Firefox 2.0 from "Mozilla (Mozilla)": even before the official announcement was made.

Some good points --

* I don't really open more than about 10 tabs at max and thus the individual close button is a boon.
* I love the realtime spell check.
* The seamless integration of Feeds is another kick-ass feature. You can "customize (Add New RSS Readers or Change the Default Feed Reader)": it to your choice of application to handle the Feeds. For instance, I've defaulted it to "Newsgator (Newsgator)": Online which syncs with "NetNewsWire (NetNewsWire)": for the "Mac (Brajeshwar's Mac)": and "FeedDemon (FeedDemon)": for Windows.


* Visit the official "Firefox/Thunderbird site (Firefox/Thunderbird site)":
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* Mozilla's own favorite and "Recommended Add-ons for Firefox 2.0 (Recommended Add-ons for Firefox 2.0)":

*Firefox 2.0 Reviews*

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*Spread Firefox*

* Help "spread Firefox (Spread Firefox)":, get your new Firefox 2.0 "Banners (Firefox 2.0 Banners)":
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* Oinam's list of "Firefox Add-ons (Firefox Add-ons)": (This will be updated regularly to delete deprecated ones and put new recommended ones. This is exclusively for our team and may not be suitable to you in some circumstances.)
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* Read Chris Messina's "The beginning of Web 2.0 (The beginning of Web 2.0)":, a cold war of the web browser lurking around the corner.
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