Firefox 3.0 Alpha 1 released & why should you try it

Sun, Dec 10, 2006

Till Firefox 2.0, the Gecko engine use the old "Quickdraw (Quickdraw)": graphics library (originally developed for OS9). With the upcoming new Firefox 3.0, it uses "Quartz (Quartz)": or "Cairo (Cairo)":, the more recent Core Image libraries. Safari have been using this for a long time. This is one reason why Text looks much crisper, smoother and clear on the new "Firefox 3.0 (Firefox 3.0)": Alpha 1 codenamed "Gran Paradiso (Gran Paradiso)": Jeffrey Zeldman have a nice article on text render handling at - "Safari better than Firefox? (Safari better than Firefox?)":

It may be noted that the Windows and Linux already enjoys a Cairo enabled Browser long before the Mac. So, get your copy of the Firefox 3.0 Alpha 1 today and see the difference, perhaps report bugs if you see any.

Try out "Firefox 3.0 Alpha 1 (Firefox 3.0 Alpha 1)": today and enjoy the "new features (New Features)": including the Cairo enabled engine and many others.


* 2006 Dec 11 -- This article was spotted on Digg and "got dugg to the front page (Promoted on Digg)": on Dec 11, 2006.
* 2006 Dec 12 -- For those not willing to upgrade because of the Addons incompatibility, please try the "Nightly Tester Tools (Nightly Tester Tools)": and enable your addons. Do remember to set the preference not to check for compatibility else you have to *Make All Compatible* every time you do any update.