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Flash Player 9 for Linux released

Adobe announced the release of the Flash Player 9 for Linux. Read the FAQ for Flash Player 9 for Linux and here is the Release Note.

Known issues for Linux

  • Full-screen mode is not available for the Linux player yet. SSL support is not available in the Linux Standalone Player. These features will be implemented for the final release.
  • Artifacts may appear when video initially plays.
  • System fonts may appear differently between Linux distributions. Formatting issues may result.
  • AMF3 connections do not work over RTMP. (186958)
  • Right clicking outside of Flash Player while the context menu is displayed doesn’t make the context menu disappear. Workaround: Left-click to turn off the context menu. (187957)
  • IME is not available (no international text input). (184489)
  • Express Install is an unsupported feature due to the variety of Linux platforms, each handling the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installation in different ways.
  • Acrobat Connect Add-In installation is not working at this time. (188318)
  • The Standalone Player is available in English only. (184237)

Fixed issues (Win/Mac)

  • When opening 2 window instances of IE 7 with 2 tabs each, crash will occur with binary socket connection. (186530)
  • Clicking play/pause button in a Google video opens another IE window and new window crashes. (184274)
  • Player crashes when parent MovieClip destroyed using a onSetFocus event handler. (187080)
  • Safari dropping frames and playing video poorly in full-screen mode (PPC & Mactel). (187776)
  • Dynamic TextField prints as a solid box when using embedded fonts and set for anti-alias for readability. (187087)
  • Setting selectable=false on a TextField doesn’t prevent keyboard selection. (186835)
  • RegExp .index property isn’t double byte aware. (186337)
  • Artifacts when initially playing + video stream freeze when selecting second video clip. (186435)
  • Alpha channel rendering issue when rendering video containing an alpha channel, followed by another asset on the same stream without an alpha channel. (183860)

Figures in brackets denotes bug number in the Adobe BugBase.