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I do not like plagiarism, specially blind copy-cats, that is why I made all my resources free; BUT …

During early 2005, I noticed that Brajeshwar v5.1 was bluntly copied without any reverse links or appreciation. The site even claimed it to be their original creation. Well, I wasn’t angry but flattered. However, I was a bit annoyed too which let to the decision that every of my themes, designs where ever possible, I’ll make them opensource or free for people to use them. This will make it obvious that you don’t need to copy or claim that it is yours. Why don’t you just use it freely.

A good visitor to my site and a big fan of our KISS Theme (for WordPress, MovableType, LiveJournal, Typepad and recently Blogger) informed me that a site is claiming it to be their original creation. They even dare to called it something else — OrangeScale. I’ve contacted them but with no reply for over a week. Well, so this is a post to let people know that my themes, templates, styles are free to use and no need to copy. I’m definitely not furious with Blogging Themes, I just want people who can contact them to inform them that the Template, Theme, Style is free to use and so you can reproduce it there but with an attribution back home to Oinam.

Regarding Templates, Themes, Styles for WordPress, Movable Type, Typepad, Blogger, LiveJournal, here are the ones that you can use.

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  • Thanks to Blogger Templates for the Kiss Modification for Blogger.
  • Well, keep a watch, I’ll be releasing more wordpress themes but I won’t promise the dates. One will be Mac oriented theme for my Mac Blog and another for my Personal Blog


If you see any of these themes, can you please tag it in Del.Icio.Us with these tags respectively Kiss-Theme, Nishita-Theme, Brajeshwar-7-theme. And you can add me to your Del.Icio.Us Network – My Del.Icio.Us ID is Brajeshwar.